Jewelry and watches can be a personal

Jewelry and watches can be a personal expression of style, achievement, a gift from a loved one, or the result of a special occasion. Some cars are purchased to accommodate a family, or to get better gas mileage. Some cars are purchased to make a statement, to convey status, or as an investment to show credibility and confidence.

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“When you manage at the major league level, it’s a 24 hour, seven days a week, 12 months out of the year job and there’s a whole lot of other things other than the game just at 7 o’clock that night,” Trembley said. “Once you immerse yourself into player development, you understand that the entire concept is not about winning anymore. At the major league level, that’s the bottom line its win, win, win and there’s a tremendous amount of pressure and stress that goes along with that each and every day.

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